Welcome to our company, we are very skilled at a wide variety of areas in the civil and construction industry. Our employees have a depth of experience spanning over 25 years in the private and public spheres. You can count on us to competently handle your project both big and small or long-term and short-term. Please take a few moments to peruse our site and appraise the services we have on offer.

  • Civil engineering and construction

We carry out a wide range of the above mentioned projects and we also have other fields included in our repertoire. We have an on-ground work team that is able to carry out projects as primary or secondary contractors and suitable for all sizes and durations of projects.

Some of the stuff we have done include:

Road construction

Our civil engineers are capable of utilizing the latest machines in our inventory to create stunning roads, including asphalt surfacing and tarmac re-filling.

Site clearance

We have been clearing sites for clients for decades and this is one area which we still engage in on an almost daily basis. We do large scale vegetation removal and deforestation including river and swamp debogging. In all our years of handling these projects, we are yet to see a site that has proven too hard to handle.

Rock clearing and landscaping

We provide rock removal services for your site to enable you get started on your project right away. We also have the machinery required for a proper landscaping making your project look aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Water diversion and land reclamation

We enable you acquire more land by sand filling or dredging the required sources. Our water management and control enables you to reduce the risk of flood. And the experts in our team have the equipment and technical know-how to get the job on time.

Erosion protection and earth moving.

We are earth movers and fillers depending on the nature of your project. We protect your site from water hazard by providing comprehensive engineering solutions. If you have earth blocking your way to an efficient project, we move the earth too.

  • Muck Removal and Excavation

Our muck removal and excavation crew is available to you in all types of projects you intend to execute. From residential areas to industrial scale clearing sites, we have the team, the skill, and the equipment, to provide all your project solutions.

Some of the clients we have got covered include:

State Land Authorities

We have assisted these authorities with their projects including land drainage sites, water control, and irrigation maintenance.

Local communities

We have been known to help communities during emergencies such as flooding and land upgrading. We have also rendered free services during emergencies caused by natural disasters in the country.

Private companies

We do quite a lot of work with private companies whatever their needs may be. These also include site clearance for new buildings and foundation work.

  • Utilities and Drainage installation

Alongside our vast inventory of plant equipment, we offer the implementation of drainage techniques that help give your project the best solutions in the business. Some of our works include:

  • Culvert building

  • Dyke construction

  • Swamp debogging

  • Land drainage

  • Canal construction

  • Mains and Sewer design and installation

  • Reservoir remodeling and construction


We install all sorts of utilities for large scale projects and small sized ones including the basics like water, gas, and electric utilities

If you also have a worker absent on site, contact us and we would get you one.