We understand it is sometimes suicidal to purchase equipment for your construction projects. The astronomers amounts involved can sink you under the financial red line for a lifetime. It so happens that making the choice for a rental might seem like the more logical idea. Going down the rental path makes a lot more sense especially when your project is for a short period of time. This is why we are here to help you dispel carting fiction from the facts so you can be able to make that rental decision with the right knowledge in the market.

  1. There are only older model equipment available for rent.

Not true. You can have access to newer model equipment that are in very good good condition and with low mileage hours too. A very good rental agency (like ours) monitors all the equipment in its inventory and makes sure each and every one is well maintained especially before it goes out to a client. We also take care of any maintenance when our equipment are on your site so that you can concentrate on the task ahead of you. Once you rent, the equipment will be made available to you on the days that it is needed. Different rental agencies have different cost and delivery options so be sure to find out about their various policies before renting with one. Another goodie associated with this point is the access to the best technological features. Renting newer equipment simply means those equipment come with the latest features and attachments and you will be able to have the opportunity to use these options to make your project standout. Renting an equipment is way better from a financial perspective because you do not need to pay for maintenance and storage especially when your project is a one time job.

  1. You will only be given equipment without technical support.

This is also false. Sometimes a client may have a vast experience with construction projects and may know how to handle a few rental equipment based on knowledge acquired in the field, but we also help newbie renters who do not have the necessary skills required to handle such high level machinery and we provide provide operators who can handle the equipment for you, if that is not a good alternative, we can go the extra mile to bring professionals on ground who will train your personnel and make them more comfortable with the equipment on ground.

  1. You cannot rent except for long-term rentals

This is another fiction. Renting equipment is a totally different world from renting a building. The terms of a rental can be as short as hours, and as long as years. It depends on your project. The best rentals - like ours, offer you terms that are flexible for your project and more importantly, convenient for your pocket. You can also decide to exchange an equipment during the duration of your rent.