We are a company that provides clients access to a fleet of the most innovative and technological up-to-date machinery to several contractors and businesses. This extensively ranges from mini excavators to 50 ton diggers. We present an armada of equipment including high demolition equipment and extreme reach dredging machines, dump trucks, bulldozers. We can’t fully exhaust the list, we leave to make your choice and we amaze you with befitting top machinery.

We also provide sale of second hand equipment at very competitive prices. These equipment are well maintained by our team of engineers thus you can expect them to be in the best of conditions. We offer these amazing services because we are always in the lookout for the best machinery in the industry. Hence once we purchase one, we try to sell the older model.


On the other side, this makes it easier for clients to afford the equipment of their dreams at very reasonable prices for their long-term projects. All our products and services including sales come with a warranty that enables us service your equipment at no extra cost to you.

What Our Customers Say

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We have effort-fully built a reputation of offering the best equipment that are specifically tailored to your needs. Our hire policy is very flexible and convenient for your wallet and you can hire for as little as 24 hours. For those who have long-term projects, we have special offers where they are able to buy the equipment in their use for a very reasonable offer. We also deliver the equipment direct to site or you can pick the equipment of your choice from any of our locations near you.

We offer technical training for those who use our equipment and we provide this gives your employees the knowledge required to implement your projects with ease. Our trainings are done in our location, but we can send our technicians on site so they could provide on-the-spot training for your workmen.

How about you call us for a taste of rare excellence today?