Spring Update : Latest Hair Styling Tools and Reviews

I have no sense of time.  I don’t know why in the world I think my head can keep up with what I am supposed to do and when.  Life is crazy enough without me planning and/or realizing I have something to do at the last minute.  My mom would be totally lost without her calendar.  So would I! (hers I mean)  She is the most organized person I know and she has everything written down and scheduled on her calendar.  I guess with 11 grandchildren she has no choice!  It was like that when me, my sister and brother were at home though.  She keeps up with where we all have to be and I am very thankful for that.  If I had a calendar I would probably lose it!

It is chaotic and very stressful not being organized and living moment to moment, but I have learned with my three kids that if I have something written down or planned it usually gets changed anyway.  I was a lot more organized when they were little, but there was a lot less going on and to keep track of.  Time completely gets away from me.  From the simple, oh that happened two weeks ago (only to realize later that is was actually 2 months ago) to oh, I have three weeks to do that (three weeks that are here in the blink of an eye).  I don’t think I am alone, though.  Time does seem to be moving much faster than it used to!

I always think the malls and stores are way ahead of themselves when they set things out for a holiday or a season that seems so far away.  However, it gets here way faster than I expected and they don’t look so anxious after all.  I was just thinking, as some places were getting rid of Christmas decorations before Christmas had arrived, how soon Valentine’s candy was put out.  THEN, Easter things were being placed on shelves BEFORE Valentine’s was over.  Just when I think others are getting way too ahead way too soon, I am proven wrong.  Here it is, on into March and Easter around the corner.

I am thrilled that Spring Break is in a hurry to get here, but just like the others, it will be gone too soon.  High School Graduation is another thing that I will be celebrating sooner than I would like.  Only to be followed in a few days by my older son’s 16th birthday.  Things are going way too fast and even though I would be ripping off the months of a calendar in what would seem like every week, I definitely need to work on getting myself organized since things are getting here much faster than I anticipated. I can’t believe Spring is here tomorrow, but I am always glad to see it arrive.    I have always considered myself a “stop and smell the roses” kind of girl, but I better hurry up with that too.  The way time is moving along we will be back into fall way too soon!

Beauty tips for hair styling and makeup

I love to style my hair and I mostly use hair dryers, flat iron and brush for this. You may be surprised that a good hair style does not need much experience and skill (at least for regular parties). In this article, I will be talking about how you can style your hair and what all products you may need.

Hair Dryers

using hair dryer in IndiaI have been using hair dryer since very long and I guess most women use hair dryer at least once in a week. Many women think that hair dryers are used only for drying the hair. But this is not true, it have may been true earlier when large hair dryers were manufactured. But today’s hair dryers are very essential tool and comes with lots of features. If you are looking for the best hair dryer of 2017 for frizzy hair, then my advise will be either Remington or Panasonic. They produce some really great hair dryers that have ionic and ceramic technology which are really helpful in keeping your hair healthy and tidy.

If you take a gamble with your choice of hair dryer, you risk buying a dud. The more heat and speed settings a dryer has, the more control you have over the airflow that is produced, so you can select the option that suits your need. Ionic dryers shoot negative ions, water’s ions are positively charged. he ionic technology creates millions of negative ions, and what the ionic hair dryers help to do is break down the water molecule. Poor hair dryers are fiddly to use, noisy and may leave your hair full of static – none of which are ideal for a product you regularly use.

  • For initial rough drying you may want a hotter, faster airflow, but as the hair dries you may want to reduce the heat.
  • That’s the science behind why an ionic dryer is much more effective at busting up and scattering water droplets on the hair shaft, preventing them from soaking in and causing frizz, plus speeding up dry time.
  • That allows the blow dryer to dry your hair much faster and that’s because you’re not only using heat and the force of the air flow, but you have this new technology that helps to break down water as well.
  • Below, we explain the key types of hair dryers, their pros and cons, and how to decide which is best for you.
  • For styling, you generally want a reasonable heat with a slower airflow speed.
  • The ionic feature works best for closing the cuticle and removing moisture from the hair, making the finish sleeker and more polished looking.

Experts agree that the best hair dryers produce strong airflow, so they can dry your hair quickly with wind rather than frying it with excess heat. Our video above also reveals our top shopping tips. This has an eye-watering price tag, but it’s the Dom Pérignon of hair dryers, drying hair in half the usual time and leaving it so shiny and smooth that many people who use straighteners will find they have no need. A good blow dryer doesn’t have to be expensive.

Features to look in great hair dryers
However, they disagree on how powerful a motor you need to achieve this. Special features and the type of technology used were ranked low in importance when it comes to what you look for in a hair dryer. Like its fancy hand-dryers, Dyson combines ultra-powerful, directed airflow with a heat-protection sensor, which is good news for the longevity of your hair. If you shop around a good hair dryer can be purchased that possesses many of these qualities from a major retail store. That a dryer with 1,300 to 1,875 watts is ideal for home use, while rival stylist Kristin Ess says in Glamour that it’s worth springing for 1,800 to 2,000 watts.

We also found out that concentrators are the most commonly used accessory while the cool-shot function is the most commonly used feature. It’s simple to use and quiet too. However, professional hair dryers are made to blow dry the hair of as many as eight clients a day, five days a week. While its roar is as loud as a jet engine and it occasionally gives up the ghost before spluttering back into life, I’m rather attached to it. Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone and is considered the world’s best ionic and infrared generator.

Ionic and ceramic hair dryers
The EH-NA65-K Smoothy and Shiny makes some fairly big promises with its name alone, but fortunately it delivers. That’s over 2,000 heads dried in a year! So I was intrigued to hear of the new Dyson hairdryer, which claims to be up to eight times as powerful as rivals — and, crucially, to dry hair without damaging it. This gemstone coating contains minerals that target negatively charged sections of hair, as well as breaking down larger molecules of water so that they evaporate more quickly. Built-in Nanoe (pronounced nano-e) technology claims to go one better than the usual ionic tech by jetting tinier, nano-sized water particles directly into your hair while drying.

As you can imagine this tool will last you a long time! Not only does this dry hair faster, it seals in important moisture to ensure hair remains healthy and shiny. Marketing buzzwords aside, the effects are noticeable, with the EH-NA65-K adding shine while keeping grease to a minimum. Not to mention the higher wattage many professional hairdryers provide. Standard models may be 1500 watts or less, but for a good flow of heat on the highest setting, look for hair dryers that are 1750 watts or more. Go up to 2000 watts for thick hair. Most hair dryers now come with two or three heat settings and two speed settings. A useful addition is the cool shot button, which provides a quick blast of cold air to set your style in place. Those with curly hair can also use the cool shot setting to rough dry hair that’s normally air-dried, to prevent frizz.

Flat Iron
Flat iron is another essential tool for hair styling. If you want to keep your hair straight and fresh, then a good flat iron is must. There are many types of hair straighteners available in India, but not all are great. For a great styling you need the best flat iron that is loaded with many features.

Flat iron UK 2017Flat-Irons are very versatile and very convenient. Everyone asks me “Which flat iron is the best?” and I always answer, “What is your hair type?” before I answer with a specific flat iron. Since the flat iron is a tool that is often used every day, consumers are wise to pick one built for quality, as an inferior product could achieve an undesirable result and even damage the hair. Titanium straighteners are the most recent addition to the straightening market, and they are considered the forefront in hair straightener technology. They’re small, can heat up in 60 seconds and can straighten AND curl even the most coarse, unruly manes out there.

  • Unless you’ve tried it firsthand, chances are the iron you are thinking of buying might not be the best one for your hair.
  • People find flat irons at brick and mortar shops and at online locations like eBay.
  • They are the safest metal plates that can be used, and they do a good job of distributing heat without burning hair.
  • Like most tools, the key to purchasing the right flat-iron is a solid understanding of what you need to succeed.
  • Let’s narrow down the choices with a few key questions.
  • When browsing, consumers can narrow down the choices by understanding the kinds of flat irons available, their features, materials, and accessories.

Not all hair types do well with metal plates however, so if you have delicate hair this type might not suit it. It’s sort of a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget that someone with mostly straight, fine hair needs something different than someone with super curly, coarse hair. A hair straightening iron consists of a frame with built-in plates. If you have a fixed heating hair straightening flat iron (a range of Temp: 360-380F), when you switch it on, the plate can only be heated to a default temperature set by manufacturers.

Plate Material
Before asking Which Flat Iron Should I buy, examine yourself and see which hair type you have naturally because of the flat iron and hair texture have a deep relation with each other. With the wrong tool, you could end up causing major damage to your hair. The plates are covered with a special coating. And there is no way to adjust it. One type of flat iron is not going to go for all hair types.

Choose from stainless steel, anodized aluminum, ceramic, and nonstick. It is based on the latest innovative technology that makes a difference between three generations of flat irons. For instance, the Chi 1 Inch Flat Iron has a fixed temperature of 370F, which works great for those who have normal hair or hair below shoulder with medium thickness or wavy. You must check whether you got straight, curly, wavy, fine, thick or coarse hair. The best gldiers are often stainless steel or ceramic—our tests found that nonstick soleplates didn’t glide as well.

Ceramic Straighteners
It determines the price of the tool, as well as its performance, durability, impact resistance and a number of other properties. If you know for sure your hair type and this Temp range works best on it, this type of hair straightener is an ideal choice. After that, you will be able to determine product best suited. With all of the different choices on the market, it can be almost impossible to know which one will work for your hair. Higher temperature settings usually mean you can get your hair straightened or ironed out more quickly and to greater effect.

The last thing that you should consider, is if you can work with the flat iron on dry or wet hair. Once you have determined your type, it’s time to shop a new flat iron for your toolkit. In general, most women’s hair falls into one of four categories. This does not mean all temperature settings will be suitable for your hair though, particularly if you have very thin or delicate hair. Most people prefer buying the one that can be used on wet hair, but this only is going to mean that you’re going to heat your hair even more.

Tourmaline Straighteners
For hair stylists that use flat irons on a daily basis, the design and handling of the iron is of high importance. Find yours to discover which kind of flat iron you should purchase. In these cases, you could risk damaging your hair if you spend too much time on the hottest settings. It is essential to ensure that you are really buying a good quality iron, if you are going to use it wet. Plates should align perfectly and not drift apart during straigthening, to avoid pulling hair.

Conventional wisdom dictates the longer your hair is the wider the plates on your iron should be. The more settings available, the more flexibility you have, with some models even coming with digital displays for accuracy. It should lie comfortably and balanced in the hand and should be equipped with a swivel cord. But unless you’ve got very long hair that you intend to keep long for some time, the average 1-inch plates will do ya. Some professional flat irons are ergonomically shaped and come with additional accessories, such as iron holder or heat resistant mat and finger gloves. The reason being that plates made out of quality materials will do the job quickly, regardless of hair length, and the skinnier plates allow you to get closer to your roots for all-over straightening.


Epilators in IndiaNot exactly hair styling tool, but it also an essential tool for women. Epilators are great in removing hair from the root, though you may feel some pain initially. But as you use this tool often then the pain is just very little and you get smooth hair removal. If you are thinking of buying a great epilator in 2017 then you must read this guide.

Epilators Vs Waxing
Epilators have become increasingly popular in the last two to three decades as, just like waxing, they produce excellent results that can last for several weeks. You should have a bath or shower first and then ensure your skin is completely dry before you begin epilating. It removed most hairs, with some of the shorter ones left behind, mainly around my knee and areas where it was hard for me to pull the wax strip. Let’s start with waxing first. Waxing strips hairs from the root whilst epilators achieve the same results by using an electrical tweezing system that pulls out the hairs from their follicles.

Run the epilator in an upward motion, against the direction of hair growth. It took Issy approximately half an hour to complete waxing one leg. Waxing is the most popular hair removal technique till date. Completely mess-free and easy to use: no need for prepping, heating wax or waiting around. If needed, you can also change the epilation direction to ensure an even smoother finish. egular use of a massage sponge (e.g. after your shower) or a body peeling pack will help prevent in-growing of small hairs.

When you combine the time it takes to heat the wax, remove all my leg hair and then clean up any sticky residue, it’s definitely more convenient to use the epilator. Waxing or hair removal is not something new. Simply plug your device and you are ready to start. A silky, smooth and hairless body was a standard of beauty, youth and innocence for women in Egypt. The wife of divine Pharaoh set an example and then the trend was followed by every woman in Egypt. They used a sticky emulsion made up of honey and oil.

Choosing the right epilator
Considering all these features, I will try to describe the perfect hair removal device for me. Many women find that regrowth after epilation is slower and finer, so the epilator only needs to be used every few weeks to eliminate this regrowth. You should know that every epilator has its own set of accessories and specific features designed to meet the needs of different consumers. You might be tempted by claims that epilators leave skin looking and feeling smooth for longer than shaving. Maybe it will help you figuring out what you need and want.

  • Today, epilator models can be found which are corded or cordless, and there are even wet and dry epilators, which can safely be used in the bath or shower.
  • Therefore, before buying an epilator, you should take into consideration some factors and judge for a moment which is the best epilator for you.
  • Some epilators claim to leave long-lasting smooth skin for up to four weeks, but how long this will last depends largely on how quickly your hair generally grows back.
  • The best epilator for me is quite a simple basic device with 2 speeds, efficiency cap, corded because the long cord offers enough freedom of movement and I have enough things that have to be charged, and has built-in light.
  • It’s more affordable than shaving – buying razors and shaving gel can work out more expensive over time than investing in an epilator . The more attachments an epilator has – the better it is.

Having a complete buying guide at your disposal will only help you to take the right decision wisely and with no regrets. This device doubles as an exfoliator and therefore saves you time. These handy devices come in all shapes and sizes. If you have sensitive skin, a special cap and a massager are the must-haves for you. Below I put together some key features to look for when selecting the epilator for your needs.

Exfoliating is a vital part of your beauty care regime both before and after epilating, as it helps prevent painful ingrown hairs and helps create smooth glowing skin. Some are better for your face and sensitive areas, some your legs, and some for a whole body groom. A trimmer head and a shaver head will help you to do various intimate haircuts, and the precise epilation head will be perfect for hair removal in bikini area, armpits or face. An efficiency cap or cover is another great accessory to look out for. The high density brush of the 7921 features 10,000 fine bristles that gently sweep away dead skin cells and help stimulate the regeneration of the skin.

Whatever your need, we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for through our epilator reviews. Most epilators include this cap to help you target sensitive areas such as the bikini area or the face. Plus there is sonic exfoliation technology, which uses over 3,000 micro-vibrations per minute to exfoliate your skin with four times more effectiveness than a manual scrub alone. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, we’ve made a comprehensive guide of the best epilators on the market. So if you’re looking for an epilator to target various areas of your body make sure you get one with the efficiency cap. Epilation is great, but there are certain areas of your body that can’t take the tweezing process. Such areas need a razor. Some epilators come with a razor to help you solve this problem.

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