Elderly Care Tips and Shower Chairs Buying Guide

Caring for the elderly at home does not have to be as complicated as many people would like you to think it is. The process of caring for anyone is pretty much the same regardless of where that person is located. The major difference between caring for elderly patients in their own homes and placing them into places like nursing homes, assisted living homes, or senior care homes, is usually the people doing the caring. Somewhere along the line, some larger business has convinced people that it is extremely hard to take care of the elderly at home, but it is just not true.

Many people are doing just that on a regular daily basis. If you have ever had children of your own or babysat for someone, then caring for an elderly patient is pretty much along the same lines.  You may need to buy some special equipment like a good shower chair which are not expensive. We will be discussing in details which will help you in choosing the best shower chairs in UK later in this article. The main problems people often think of when taking care of the elderly at home are easily countered with a little bit of research and insight.

Here are a few of the most common home elderly care issues:

We don’t have space to care for an elderly patient in our home.

There is no hard and fast rule that an elderly care patient must actually live with the person doing the care giving. This is a bit of a misconception. While it makes it easier to some degree, there are many alternatives to actually having to redesign or purchase a new house to accommodate the new elderly patient in your care.

We don’t have the money to care for and elderly patient at home.

In truth, the cost for caring for an elderly patient really depends more on where they are then you might think. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities can cost upwards of several thousands of dollars per month. For that price alone you could often easily rent three or more normal houses that would easily accommodate having an elderly person. In fact, make sure to check what you are really getting with assisted living care as you would be surprised how little that money really gets you.

We don’t have the time to care for the elderly at home.

Why does everyone assume that caring for the elderly at home means that “you” are the one doing the caring? This could not be farther from the reality of the situation. People are having enough troubles caring for themselves and having to take care of additional elderly patients often puts the normal person well over their stress limit.

So how do you care for the elderly at home?

Well, first you do the research I mentioned before. Look into alternative sources for doing the actual care. By this I mean look into hiring professional nurses and caregivers as home health care providers. Don’t worry. It is no different then hiring any other type of employee. You can get references from past employers, check their work history, even negotiate their payment rates and hours.

Often hiring a full time, 24 hour team of caregivers, usually 3-5, will cost you on average $15-20 per hour. Before you get all worried, compare that to the thousands of dollars per month you will pay for assisted living that really does little to improve the quality of life for the patient. Home caregivers have a considerable impact on the well being of their patient. They are able to spend quality time with the patient, much more so then in a nursing home. They can do things with their patient, such as taking the elderly patient for walks, car rides, and many other simple daily activities depending on the patient.

Since you are paying them for their time and service, you can often negotiate what services they will provide to the person in need. This could be from simply monitoring the patient, to providing medications, meal preparations, feedings, and cleaning the patient. Even if you do not need 24 hour care, hiring a home health caregiver can alleviate much of the tedious stuff that you might have trouble performing yourself.

Hiring caregivers for home elderly care can often enrich the life of the person being cared for. It allows your elderly parent or loved one the ability to talk to people who will always be there. It gives them a sense of security, belonging and even happiness to know that someone is watching out for them. They will do their best to provide quality care for your loved one. Caring for the elderly at home in this manner also frees you up to spend more quality time with your elderly loved ones in a manner that allows you to be free from stress of dealing with any of the problems associated with the caring process.

Advantages of Shower Chairs For Elderly

Shower Chairs UK 2018As you grow older you’ll likely notice some tasks – even those you simply took granted in the past – getting more difficult and even a bit dangerous to perform. At the end of a long day, it is a treat to unwind under a stream of hot water. A shower chair is designed and functioned simply as a chair on which its users can have a seat during the shower. The promise of safety is one thing that separates an ordinary chair from the shower seat. Bathing yourself and taking a shower are often among those tasks that increasingly become a challenge as people age.

  • But a shower seat can make your shower experience even more relaxing, providing you with a comfortable spot to sit and rest your tired feet at the end of the day.
  • By sitting in a safe chair, it minimizes their risk of injury, painful movement as well as falling over the wet floor.
  • You know very well that ordinary chairs are purposely made to stand still on living room or dining room floors.
  • That’s because the combination of soap, water, and bathroom tiles can pose a danger to elderly people who no longer have as much control of their motor skills as they used to.
  • Simply take a seat and allow the water to wash away the stress of the day.

This device is highly helpful and beneficial for physically-limited persons, especially those with disabilities. But, they cannot just fulfil the needs of bathing. An advantage of portable shower stools is they can easily be removed from the shower when others in the household wish to take a shower or tub bath. How many times have you thought that it would be much easier to shave your legs while sitting down? A shower chair usually consists of several elements or parts.

They can be very slippery when placed under the shower. The waterproof construction makes it possible to maintain the device with relatively little effort, while also ensuring that the bench will remain functional for as long as needed. Shower seats make various shower-related activities, such as shaving legs, much easier. These elements or parts include the seat as the main part, the legs, the arm rest, and back rest. Chairs intended for the shower are non-slip thus eliminating the risk of falling during the process. A shower bench is ideal for people with arthritis, and are not able to stand long enough to take a shower. Another seat that is often used is a chair with adjustable legs, with a back and arms. Many shower benches are free standing, meaning you can simply lift them into and out of the shower/tub before and after your shower. Do you ever feel afraid of taking a bath or shower? They are generally made out of sturdy PVC and aluminum, and resist water damage or rust.

There are also folding shower benches that are installed onto the shower wall and can be lifted and placed down depending on the user’s preference. The possibility of falling is most likely on your mind and a shower chair or bath chair can help put your mind at ease. They also can be folded and packed away for use on trips. If you are renovating your bathroom and decide you want a built in shower bench, then it can simply be built and tiled like the bathroom. Using a shower chair or bath chair helps to increase safety by decreasing the chance of you falling by providing a secure area in a slippery shower or bath.

These are quite handy when traveling from motel to motel or visiting in someone’s home for an extended period of time. These shower benches are great even for people without disabilities or the elderly. Shower Chairs and Bath chairs are especially useful for those that are in wheelchairs, the elderly, or anyone who finds excessive movement painful or difficult. They take up little room and are very light weight. They can provide a woman the ability to rest their foot on it while shaving their legs.

Choosing the best shower chairs in UK

Shower seats come in a surprisingly wide variety of styles, models, and price ranges. A shower chair is designed to provide reliable support in a shower or wet room, thereby removing the need for the bather to stand up. Lightweight, comfortable and exceptionally stable is what we can say about Dr Kay’s Adjustable Height Bath and Shower Seat. One type of bath chair will not work well for everyone. While this makes it possible to find the right seat for just about any user, navigating through the available options can be confusing.

  • Products range from simple waterproof chairs that can be used by people who are mobile but who suffer from fatigue or unsteadiness, to fully supportive mobile chairs for people with severely restricted mobility.
  • It is by far one of the most reliable options for the present time.
  • Not only do people differ in their height, weight and physical needs, but the dimensions of each bathtub can be different as well.
  • Start with these basic considerations to narrow down your search and make shopping easier and more successful.
  • These not only help to keep people safe and comfortable whilst bathing, but they also make it possible to move easily in and out of the shower area.

The construction quality makes it different from other standard shower chairs. The following are considerations to keep in mind when you are picking a bathtub chair to help you in identifying one that will work best for you. That is why the aged care equipment created by trusted manufacturers is useful for the elderly. Some people opt to have their shower chair permanently fixed in the shower. The shower chair is lightweight only4lb with a holding capacity of 250lbs.

Models, such as the legless and two-legged ones, that are designed to be supported by the bathtub walls are usually not adjustable in height. They provide you the help you need to have when you are doing anything. There is a selection of wall mounted shower seats on the market, some with hinges and drop down feet that can fold away when not in use. It fits perfectly in small tubs and showers as well. If showering is a physical challenge, combining the right seat with a handshower can make things a whole lot easier.

There is equipment to help you walk, to sit and even to help you with baths and showers. Note that these should only be used when attached to load-bearing walls that have enough strength to support it and the user. However, for assembly you don’t have to use any tools. The seat helps prevent slips and falls, while the handheld shower head allows the user or a caretaker to reach awkward spots with greater ease, and reduce the amount of movement needed to effectively clean. Having this kind of assistance, especially with bath and shower aids, can be very important.

A shower chair without arms or a back is great for someone who has good back strength as well as strong balancing ability while sitting. However, that does not mean you should buy just any equipment. It helps conserve energy while showering since they keep you from having to stand in the shower however they don’t offer a lot of support. You should always be mindful of what you purchase. This is a seat for anyone who would like to sit comfortably while enjoying their shower or bath.

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