Circular Saw – What all basic things you should be aware of

The saw is a tool that is used for cutting different materials like wood, metal, plastic, and etc. There are different types of saw which are used for cutting purpose. A most common saw that is also known as buzz saw is mini circular saw, and is mainly used for cutting plastic, wood, masonry, or metal. This type of saw always contains a metal blade or disc having teeth on its edge with a mechanism that causes the blade to spin. This tool is either mounted on table or hand held. While buying a good circular saw in India, you should always keep in mind that the tool must has a powerful motor so that it can fulfill your all requirements.

For example if you are a woodcutter and you need a circular saw then you should prefer to buy a circular saw that has maximum power so that they can easily cut every thing they want. If the motor of the saw does not contain enough power the metal disks may heats up and become dull soon. If the blades start to become dull then it is a safety hazard and it will also create cuts of poor quality. And if the blades climbs out they may push the mini circular saw back towards the user.

using circular sawYou should always keep one thing in min d that mini circular saw comes in different sizes. Large circular saws are best for large projects but if you want a saw for cutting something at your home then mini circular saw is the best option for you. You should also focus the type of cuts you want to make with your mini circular saw. A large saw can produce both smaller as well as deep cuts but if you want to make small cuts with your saw then you should buy mini circular saw. Other features of mini saw include knobs, lever locks that can be easily tightened with mere hand.

Benefits of Circular Saw

Mini circular saw is a great tool for all types of home projects, but if you do not use it properly this can become dangerous for you. Mini circular saw similar to all other power tools causes serious injuries when they are not properly used. You should always choose the right abrasive blade while start cutting a specific material. There are different kinds of blades that are used for cutting different materials. You always take care of your blades while using. You should place them in a box after using them, and always clean them regularly otherwise they will begin to dull. It is also recommended to sharpen these mini circular saws after regular intervals.

circular saw in IndiaWhile using the mini saw you should adjust the saw properly so that it becomes comfortable for you to cut the materials. Always keep the saw away from its power cord otherwise it will really cause serious hazards. While cutting with mini circular saw you should not apply any force otherwise it may result in damaging the blades. It is recommended to wear safety goggles and ear protector while using mini circular saw as well as respirator to avoid any maximum hazard.

How to use circular saw

  • Keep in mind that the most important characteristic for your circular saw blade is its sharpness. A dull blade can lead to unsafe conditions. You don’t want the saw hopping off your lumber because the blade has been overused. For the casual carpenter, it may be just as inexpensive for you to buy a new blade as it is to sharpen the one you have.
  • You will also want to keep the angle between the base of the saw and the saw blade at perpendicular–90 degrees. Generally, your circular saw will come with this angle preset; however, use and movement may cause this angle to adjust. To fix the problem, turn the base face up, and loosen the wing nut. Then, take a square and put it along the base and saw blade, and adjust the base until the right angle is restored.
  • If you don’t use your circular saw very often, you will want to make sure to keep it stored in its case. This will keep excess moisture from getting into the metal and causing rust decay. These three steps will help keep your blade in top-notch condition.

Even if your woodworking is limited to an occasional weekend project, you’ll eventually need to cut a narrow piece from a long board or sheet of plywood. Setting the blade too deep causes a few problems. Start the saw and then move it into the material you’re cutting. For an accurate cut, mark the side of the material that will become waste, then line up the blade to just leave the pencil line on the keep side. Sawing long boards is easy if you own a table saw.

First, it’s more dangerous than a correctly set blade because more blade is exposed while cutting. This method helps keep the two sections of the work piece from pinching — or binding — the blade. To make the cut, support the front of the saw shoe on the work piece, but keep the blade about an inch from the material. But you can also do it accurately with a good circular saw. In addition, the saw is more likely to bind and kick back if the blade is too deep.

Push the blade through the cut and let the pieces fall. I don’t have one because I so often have to clamp in the middle of my work table that it wouldn’t work for me and I’m use to having to figure out the formula for my cuts. In order to discuss circular saw safety, one must first understand how to properly cut with a circular saw. Safety issues aside, blades cut more efficiently when properly set. Make sure the retracting guard blade is working correctly.

Tips and warning regarding using circular saw

  • If your blade is cracked or deformed, throw it out.
  • High-speed steel is not a safe material for your saw blade.
  • Never set the saw down while the blade is in motion.
  • Do not push on the side surface of the blade to stop the blade from moving.
  • Keep your blade sharp. It’s cheaper to replace a dull blade than to replace a lost limb.
  • Make sure that the safety cover can move freely.
  • Check to see that the guard’s retraction mechanism works correctly.
  • Never use the circular saw holding the blade upside down or sideways.
  • Check to clear your work area of such objects as nails or screws.
  • Never saw anything (like metal) that will make sparks. This can lead to fire.

If I didn’t have my clamp guides though, I’d totally make a couple of these babies! Most direct drive circular saws have the blade mounted on the right-hand side of the saw’s motor, so a right-handed operator must lean over the saw to be able to see the cut line. This has the effect of raising the blade. With your saw unplugged (or with the battery out), test the guard can freely move back and forth (most blade guards will automatically spring back into the safety position when a cut is complete). Although most of this type of sawis designed for wood cutting purposes, many are also equipped with blades able to cut through plastic, metal and masonry – truly, a tool as versatile as the jigsaw. In all honesty, we rarely ever use these two functions on our circular saw.

These cuts are done when the blade cannot start at the edge of the board, such as when cutting a hole in kitchen counter tops or floors.To make this cut, place the front of the shoe against the work piece. Remember to tighten fully when the blade is set at the required depth. But it must obviously be used with great care even by experienced woodworkers because of the ultra-sharp blade. We tend to make bevel cuts on our miter saw, which I’ll cover in another Power Tools 101 post. Then, turn on the saw and slowly lower theblade into the material.

To obtain the best results the blade should be set approximately 6mm (quarter of an inch) deeper than the depth of the timber. Its just good to know those functions are there. For tight mitred corner joints on eaves, deck surrounds or cabinetry you need to make perfectly square and straight bevel cuts. Use the blade angle indicator to set the required angle before tightening the tilt control on the saw.

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